Sunday, May 25, 2014

Adventure Diary of a Muslim-American Hijabi, entry #1

Original entry on February 26, 2014

Allah swt is the best if planners.

Woke up this morning excited for my flight to Seattle for the AWP conference. Checked my email randomly and found that my flight with Southwest was canceled. After several calls, I found that I needed to be at the airport in a little over an hour to catch an earlier, next best flight. My stress level was soaring.

While standing in security, I prepared myself for the full "random" check I always receive by removing my jacket, belt, and placing everything in my bag. I watched the guy in front of me unlace his shoes and thought about how much I hated removing my shoes at the airport. While getting closer to the machines, I noticed my line was a lot shorter than the others and thought to myself, "Yep. The random check line," only to be told by the TSA agent that we were in the TSA Pre Lane and won't need to take off anything.

SubhanAllah wa AlhamduliAllah, Allah swt truly is the best of planners.

Of course, the TSA that met me after I walked through the metal detector freaked out a bit and tried calling another agent to come check my hijab before finally deciding to pat it down herself. "Wow! You have a lot of hair under there!" She laughed and I smiled. "Yes. Yes I do, ma'am."

This all reminded me of this article on The Hummus News.